About Heather.

My whole life I have been attracted to staying fit and working out. As a working mother and wife I have struggled to find a workout that fit my personality as well as my hectic schedule.

I started my bootcamp journey on a whim. My sister–in–law had mentioned wanting to participate in a bootcamp class and it just so happened I found a Groupon the very next morning. I knew in the first few minutes of class I was hooked. Bootcamp was my thing.

The notion many people have about bootcamp is a drill sergeant yelling and screaming at you to do better, but this was the complete opposite. There is no yelling and no judging, but a team of classmates working toward the same goal as you. Bootcamp allows you to push yourself as far as you want and/or able to go. It's not an easy workout, but in reality it never should be. That is the beauty of bootcamp. Whether it is your first day working out or you are an exercise guru, you still get a great workout in the same class.

In the past I have always been bored with repetitive workouts and struggled to stick with a routine. Bootcamp is anything but boring and the workouts and formats are always changing. Every day is a new day with a new workout and a new challenge. The biggest problem I had to encounter was having to buy new clothes every couple months to fit my new healthy body.

A year and a half after starting bootcamp, I decided to start a new lifestyle. I wanted a healthy life with no stress, so I quit my full time job. Emily approached me about teaching some classes and it was the obvious decision to fill my new free time with something I was so passionate about.

Bootcamp is my preferred way to work out, and even when I am not teaching I still go to classes. Many classmates tell me it's nice to see me in class with everyone else. I enjoy standing next to my classmates challenging myself there with everyone else. I am not a marathon runner or a big athlete and I really don't want to be those things. I enjoy a challenge, which to me is any type of muddy, dirty, obstacle course run that I can find. It goes perfectly with my having fun while I exercise.

My absolute favorite part about teaching bootcamp is the ability to share what I love. It has completely changed my life and I am excited to help others feel that way. I enjoy writing workouts that are challenging and fun at the same time. It's very rewarding to see others working hard and seeing the results. Many people start the workout by doing modified versions of exercises and by the end they are doing the advanced versions. Witnessing others push themselves and know they can accomplish more is very rewarding.