About Linda.

I have been with the Workout1 family since December of 2012. A friend convinced me to join with her because we figured that each being accountable to the other would encourage us to show up a couple of days per week. Aside from running, I had no real workout plan and I didn't participate in any instructional workouts. I wasn't really certain what we were embarking on when we signed up. What a life–changing decision it was for me to join Workout1! I was immediately hooked! The energy of everyone at Workout1, from the fellow bootcampers to the instructors, was amazing. The variety of fitness levels, ages and workouts made me feel immediately draw to it.

I have grown so much in my own capability to do the exercises; both the physical strength I have gained and the mental fortitude that is sometimes required to get through a tough workout. I love the feeling of completing a workout - that sense of accomplishment I feel afterwards, and my own recognition that I can do things I never thought possible. Exercise has improved my overall mental and physical well being. (I love to say that I work out to burn off the "crazy" that can come from a hard day at work or challenges in life.) No two workouts are exactly the same. We do so many variations of exercises and workouts that it is impossible to be bored. The Workout1 workouts are applicable to all, and the "Challenge by Choice" method applied in classes makes it easy for me to modify when I need to.

When Emily approached me about the opportunity to teach at Workout1 - I was honored. I hoped to be able to bring that same type of enthusiasm and energy to the classes that she brings. Since starting as an instructor in October 2016, I've found that members also amp up that enthusiasm and excitement in the room. The Workout1 family is full of fun, encouraging and wonderfully supportive members – you can't help but feel amazing while you're around them. It is truly inspiring to me to see the hard work in the room from all the members and see them grow in their own capabilities. I love that I get to be a part of people's lives, and watch their journeys to becoming healthier and happier versions of themselves.

The Workout1 environment provides a respectful atmosphere. We don't diminish others' strengths or mock their weaknesses - we share our achievements, our victories and sometimes our frustrations, and we recognize that we are in this together. I love to share my passion for working out with others, and I encourage anyone who has every considered a workout class to try Workout1. It will change your life too!