Frequently Asked Questions.

What kinds of exercises will I be doing?

WO1-a-Day Workouts are designed to work every muscle in your body, while mainly focusing on your largest muscles. Which burn the most calories. Common exercises include, bodyweight training, stepping, jump rope, squatting, dumbbell training, some running, band training, core isolation training, kettle bell training, TRX suspension training, some yoga, and stretching.

What fitness level is required? Will I fit in?

WO1-a-Day Workout classes range from beginners to veterans of exercise. The class has a unique way of challenging the most fit, while at the same time, accommodating beginners. Everyone is encouraged to push themselves only to their personal limits. The environment is completely encouraging and motivating.

Should I do Classes or Private Training?

Deciding which training is right for you is one of the things that we will discuss in your initial consultation. Your personality, goals, and schedule are a few things we will discuss to determine what the best option is for you.
Class Time at Workout1

What should I bring and wear?

Water is the only thing that you have to bring with you. Wear a good pair of supportive tennis shoes, and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.

Will I get sore?

The WO1-a-Day Workout is not an easy class! That is why it will give you great results. By challenging your muscles in new ways you will feel soreness during your first week or two. After that, you will likely feel mild soreness from time to time as we work new muscles in new ways, week by week. This is a great feeling that will reassure you that you're doing something great for your body.

How many days per week should I train?

During your initial consultation, we will talk about this, and determine what's best for you. Your goals and fitness level will determine this. Usually, it's recommended that people attend 2-4 WO1-a-Day Workouts per week.

Will I be forced to do something uncomfortable?

At Workout1, we are proud to accommodate people of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels and injury backgrounds. We strive to make people feel as comfortable as possible, while getting in the best shape of their life. If a particular exercise makes you feel uncomfortable, or goes beyond your current physical capabilities, we will be happy to give you an alternate exercise that will progress you in the safest way possible.

Where is the studio?

Workout1 is located in downtown Saline between Comerica bank and Speedway. We're directly below Rythm Dance Crew and Douglas Accounting. Parking is available in back, on Henry Street in Saline Lot 2. Entrances are located in front or back of the building.

We also offer classes at Milan Tae Kwon Do, 7 E. Main St., Milan, MI 48160. Contact us for directions.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the reply form on the contact page and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation. During your initial consultation, we will go over your goals, needs, fitness, medical history, etc.You can ask any questions you have, and you'll see exactly what a WO1-a-Day Workout is like.

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