About Us.

Emily Rogers

My passion for exercise led me into personal training. I became NASM certified in February of 2008. With a baby and a busy lifestyle, my workouts needed to be fast and effective. I began charting Boot Camp workouts for myself, and couldn't believe the amazing results I got. The system changed my life, and I wanted to share it with as many people as I could, so I started my own fitness company! It truly has been a dream come true.

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Jolie Levi

I have always been passionate about exercise and I spend a lot of time seeking workouts that continue to produce results, eliminate boredom and that are stimulating both mentally and physically. Exercise for me is ALWAYS about how it makes me feel inside and the overall health benefit! About 15 months ago I started with Emily at Boot Camp. I was immediately hooked! Emily has this infectious personality, unsurpassed energy, creativity and compassion for people. I knew I wanted to be a part of her team.

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Heather Newman

Boot Camp is my preferred way to work out, and even when I am not teaching I still go to classes. Many classmates tell me it's nice to see me in class with everyone else. I enjoy standing next to my classmates challenging myself there with everyone else. I am not a marathon runner or a big athlete and I really don't want to be those things. I enjoy a challenge, which to me is any type of muddy, dirty, obstacle course run that I can find. It goes perfectly with my having fun while I exercise.

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Christie Taylor

Fitness has been an integral part of my life since I was 5 years old. Even at this early age, I recognized how good exercise made me feel both mentally and physically. I now have a family with three young children, so finding an efficient yet effective workout was key. I found that in Workout1. As a Workout1 Boot Camp instructor and AFAA certified personal trainer, I enjoy nothing more than motivating others to reach their fitness goals and realize the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

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