About Us.

The Instructors at Workout1

Emily Rogers [ Owner/Coach ]

My passion for exercise led me into personal training. I became NASM certified in February of 2008. With a baby and a busy lifestyle, my workouts needed to be fast and effective. I began charting Boot Camp workouts for myself, and couldn't believe the amazing results I got. The system changed my life, and I wanted to share it with as many people as I could, so I started my own fitness company! It truly has been a dream come true.

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Lauren Hinojosa [ Coach ]

I was first introduced to Workout1 by a friend in October of 2015. After my first class I was hooked! The environment of Workout1 is what sparked my interest most, a place where people of all fitness levels could get just the workout they needed!

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Linda Amstutz [ Coach ]

I have been with the Workout1 family since December of 2012. A friend convinced me to join with her because we figured that each being accountable to the other would encourage us to show up a couple of days per week. Aside from running, I had no real workout plan and I didn't participate in any instructional workouts. I wasn't really certain what we were embarking on when we signed up. What a life–changing decision it was for me to join Workout1! I was immediately hooked! The energy of everyone at Workout1, from the fellow bootcampers to the instructors, was amazing. The variety of fitness levels, ages and workouts made me feel immediately draw to it.

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Krista Hopson [ Coach ]

The pursuit of fitness and health has been a part of my life since I was a child. As I was growing up I participated in gymnastics, figure skating, and cross-country skiing, and just loved to be moving. I grew up in Northeastern Canada, so Functional Fitness (although I never really called it that) was a big part of everyday life. We heated our house with wood, so the year was patterned around preparing the next section of wood for each year. My dad saw to it that my sisters and I could handle a wheelbarrow and axe, and know our way around a woodpile.

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Amy Sontag [ Coach ]

Everyday I look for an opportunity to share how important it is to incorporate exercise and healthy nutrition into your life. When you feel good you can give your all to whatever you do. It is a perfect concoction. I am elated to be part of the Workout1 Team and I look forward to the upcoming year!!

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Sam Shannon [ Coach ]

Over the course of my adult life, I have explored a variety of fitness styles, including weightlifting, yoga, running and CrossFit. A couple of years ago it was recommended to me to try Workout1 and I fell in love! Since then, I have become part of this amazing community of people and have also become a class instructor.

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Beth Kuhl [ Coach ]

I've learned the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body, and I enjoy helping other people stay healthy and strong. I love helping people push their fitness boundaries and seeing their excitement when they improve and achieve their goals.

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Ashley James [ Client Relations Specialist ]

My first class at Workout1 was unlike anything I had ever tried before. The way I felt after made me give it another try and soon I was hooked. It soon became a part of my schedule and I thank my friend everyday for encouraging me try it.

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