"Our family (husband, wife, and daughter) have been members of Wo1 for nearly 7 years … 7 very good years!! Here are a few key words to best describe our input on Wo1:

  • Personally and professionally a first–class staff
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Experienced
  • Flexible
  • A lot of options
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • A lot of men and women
  • Great value
  • Highly recommended

"But the experience that I want to share is as follows: WO1 is the place—as new residents to Saline, MI—we met our core group of friends. And now 7 years later we still have the same core group of friends that we do everything with, inside and outside of the gym. I can't think or recommend a better way to meet and keep friends forever. Wo1 is and has been an important part of our life.

"And as parents to our daughter Maddie, how awesome is it to spend this type of time with your daughter … priceless!!

~ Chris

"In only three sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my balance and posture! Emily's positive attitude and non–threatening atmosphere make attending boot camp something to look forward to. I particularly like that even in a group setting she still meets the needs of the individual by giving alternatives for each station.

~ Tammie K.

"Emily mixes her expertise with an electrically charged atmosphere. She formulates solid physical training with a realistic approach to personal goals. Emily soared beyond my expectations.

~ Amy W.

"Wondering if you can really get 'in shape' with Boot Camp? You'd better believe you can! As a former marathon runner (2 decades ago), I longed for the days when running was effortless. But alas, family and life had taken over & exercise was not high on my agenda. Plus, how could I possibly find the time for training; core work, upper body strength, and logging the required miles. The thought of getting back into running condition was overwhelming … the burning lungs, sore quads, aching legs and mileage buildup seemed too great a challenge. To get me moving, my friend suggested I sign up for a 5K later this summer! Always up for a challenge, I agreed.

"While I've been attending early morning Boot Camp on a regular basis for the past seven months (four days a week), I had yet to log a single mile of running. So there I was this past Saturday lacing up my new running shoes. No excuses I thought, let's see how far I can run after all those Boot Camp workouts. With music screaming from my iPod, out the door I went … heading for a local 5K loop with the intention of running a few blocks, walking a few, and repeating. What I experienced was a HUGE surprise to me! While I wasn't racing down the sidewalk, I was running … AND (except for a few short blocks) I was able to run the entire 5K loop! Happy, relieved, excited … yes to all … and if you're still wondering what kind of shape you will get in at Boot Camp (if you attend on a regular basis); pretty darn good shape is my answer to you!

~ Sara M.

"Thanks Emily for pushing me harder than I would ever push myself. I've been working out for years on and off, but I always get bored and quit. Who knew working out could be so much fun. Each and every week boot camp is different and gives me both the cardio and strength training I need, causing me to be stronger and leaner. Thanks for making it fun, affordable, and most of all effective.

~ Laurie D.

"I like the challenge and laid–back atmosphere. Plus, the workout is always changing so it never gets boring. I dropped a pant size in five weeks. I am working on a whole new six pack thanks to Boot Camp!

~ Tina M.

"Emily's program has changed me in many ways. It is my outlet at the end of the day and it feels so good to just sweat it out. You have more energy and become more aware of what you are eating without even knowing it. I love seeing Emily get so enthusiastic about showing us a new move or pushing you to finish out the last 30 seconds. The workout is always changing so your body is using different muscles and you don't get bored like you might if you're always repeating the same video. Love the core moves, love the music, love the extra energy I have, love the friendships, love the changes in my body, love my motivator! Thanks Em!

~ Sarah H.

"Boot camp is truly fun for all ages! I get the opportunity to work out with my mom, my teenagers and my 3 year old loves to go and stay in the supervised play area.

~ Heather

"My story:
Have you taken the underwear test? I vividly remember about 30 days after I started training with Emily that I stood in the center of my closet and simply put on my underwear one leg at a time! No hopping, no falling, no holding on, simply one leg at a time. I stood strong and still. Now, if that's not a problem for you, you must have a tighter core than I did before I started training. I am a 49 year old woman with a 9 year old daughter. I stopped working out essentially when I got pregnant, and really didn't do that much before then either! Certainly after child birth, EVERYTHING changes! Your life, your world and most definitely your body! So, one day I saw 209 appear on the bathroom scale—and I decided right then and there I was not going to see it go any higher! For 6 months I walked every day and watched what I ate and drank. No more Diet Coke—cold turkey! Walking seemed easy and doable—so I set four 9 pound goals. I created a chart to follow so I could log my walking and keep it in front of my face (to help with accountability). I remember thinking I would probably lose 2, maybe 3 nine pound goals. I never dreamed I would actually lose over 40 pounds!

"With Emily's help, I've continued to lose weight and now I am toning!! I started boot camp and personal training in January 2010 after I had already lost 22 pounds. I was concerned personal training would be too expensive and that I would not keep it up—since I had wasted money at health clubs many times in the past! But, thankfully I was wrong about both! Emily is tough, don't get me wrong—but she is smart and pleasant. She changes the exercise programs with EVERY session. There's no time to get bored or complacent! She coaches you and encourages you with every step. I believe the personal training is best in combination with boot camp. At least, that's what has worked for me.

"I am happy to report not only can I put on my underwear one leg at a time, but I run up and down stairs now without even thinking about it. I still walk nearly every day—that is easy; I work out by going to personal training once a week and boot camp twice a week. It's a new way of living for me, better diet, understanding what every bite means to my workout, and just living much more healthy. I have a goal of losing 50 pounds by the time I reach 50 years of age and I will have Emily to thank for my new lease on life and the extra years I know I have added to it!!!

"Thanks, Emily. You are the reason I am a better ME!!!

~ Ann S.

"Best work out ever! Never boring! I have been going for 3 years now and there's something for everyone no matter your current fitness level!

Krissy G.

"Great workout routine at Workout1. It really was challenging to get thru the entire workout, but I loved it. I am going back on Wednesday at 5:30am to get some more torture – lol!

Tom L.

"My only complaint about Wo1 is that since beginning their in January, I've had to buy all new pants and belts because the others became far too big. Thanks a lot Wo1!!

Tim P.

"Love, Love, LOVE Workout1! It never gets easy and every single workout pushes me in ways I never could working out on my own. All of the instructors are absolutely amazing & helpful. Highly recommend

Julie S.

"Perfect spot to get it done—tough workouts that are well–rounded!

Amanda B.