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1 Workout for Every Body

We've made things a lot simpler at Workout1!

We offer 1 class that's just right for just about anybody - for all fitness levels and for all elements of fitness.

No more repetitive workouts - every workout is customized to create a unique experience every day! You'll never get bored because you'll never do the same workout twice!

  • Fun Workouts!
  • Unique Routines!
  • Creative Exercises!
  • Never Tedious or Monotonous!

A class at Workout1

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Our All Inclusive Approach

The goal of our WO1-a-Day Workout is to be practical, useful and sustainable. Every workout is a perfect balance of strength and cardiovascular training that targets every muscle in your body, including your heart!

Thanks to an incredible variety of exercises and equipment, the workout possibilities are truly endless. Why follow the same boring workout routine every day when you can do so much more?

Of course we want you to join Workout1, but more importantly, we want you to do it for the right reasons:

For a Better Body

Slipping into those skinny jeans, discovering your six-pack abs, or building bulging biceps are some pretty nice side-effects of exercise. And they're great motivators when you're getting started. But of course the benefits of exercise don't end there.

For a Better Life

Sure, your fitter, better body looks nicer, but it might also be able to do things now that you just couldn't before, like take that bike tour, run up and down sand dunes with your kids, build a snowman, or maybe just enjoy the occasional glass of wine or slice of pie, guilt free.

For a Better You

But the truly important benefits go much deeper. The confidence to walk with your head high, the ability to breathe deeply, and the energy to live life to the fullest make you a better person to be around; one that's energetic, fun, and feeling great!

How much better would the world be if each of us put time and effort into making ourselves feel good?

Sure it's hard! But at Workout1, we make it fun!

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